Recommended Eyeglass Chains with Drops


The drops is a shape of resin, and Tamarusan uses it in various items.

Depending on the combination, it can be a flower shape or a dragonfly.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the eyeglass chain among them.

At first one is a recommended-eyeglass-chains-with-drops using parts of “Musical Note Series” (Pink) resin parts.

This drop-shaped resin part has a cute colon shape and smooth surface.

When worn, they look like earrings that sway around the ear.

Next one is a recommended-eyeglass-chains-with-drops using resin parts of “Vortex Series” (Orange).

This eyeglass chain is made of original braided cord specially ordered from a craftsman in Kyoto.

I thought it would be too casual if I used a string, but perhaps because it is pure silk, it has a luster and a sense of luxury.

It is a recommended-eyeglass-chains-with-drops chain using resin parts of “New Rose Tree Series” (Pink).

Tamarusan’s model “Andy” is wearing this dress.

At first glance, it looks like it is for women because of its pink color, but as you can see, men can also wear it and look stylish.

Eyeglass chains look like a necklace when you hang your eyeglasses and earrings when you wear them.

It is recommended as a unique and fashionable item for glasses.

It is also popular as a gift, so if you are looking for a unique gift, I recommend it.

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