Accessories With Flower Motifs

Accessories with flower motifs

Tamaruan has a number of accessories with flower motifs.

Rather than a single piece of resin in the shape of a flower, it is made by combining heart-shaped, drop-shaped, and oval-shaped resin parts into a flower shape.

So, it is a large and eye-catching design in its own right.

Today, I’d like to introduce hair elastics, bolo ties, and earrings among them.

At fist, it is a unique accessories-with-flower-motifs from the “Plum Cake Series” (Green Tea), “Lily Series” (Yellow-Green), “New Rose Tree Series” (Yellow-Green), “Marble Series” (Green), and “Ramune Series” (Green) flower-shaped made of resin.

Heart-shaped resin parts are combined in the shape of a flower.

Brazing the metal parts to this shape was surprisingly difficult, and I had to redo it many times.

Sometimes I can do it right the first time.

Next one is a silk braid bolo tie using “Pansy Series” (Green), “Ramune Series” (Green), “Plum Cake Series” (Green Tea), “Cheetah Series” and New Rose Tree Series” (Yellow-Green).

Oval shaped resin parts are combined into a flower shape.

As is the case with this one, brazing the brass ball in the middle is surprisingly difficult, and sometimes it doesn’t adhere as well as expected.

But for some reason, sometimes it works out in one shot. It’s strange.

Last one is a pair of earring using resin parts of “Forgetting Flower Series” (Red).

A combination of drop-shaped resin parts in the shape of a flower, with coral (dyed) hanging in the middle.

You can’t see it in the photo, but it was difficult to braze the small ring in the center of the coral.

A few times, I overheated the round can and melted it.

But sometimes I can do it in one go.

The flower shape is gorgeous and cute, and makes you want to make all kinds of items.

In addition to the above, brooches, hairpins and ornamental hairpins are also available.

It is also recommended as a gift.

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