Scarf Clasp Brooch Recommended for Fall


Yesterday was the coldest day in a long time, and I had to wear two layers of T-shirts under my Japanese archery uniform.

I went to the park dojo and there was only one person there.

Well, the only people who would go in such a rainy weather would be me and two other people.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to three types of “Scarf-Clasp-Brooch” recommended for fall to hold your scarves, which I’m sure everyone will start wrapping up soon.

This time, I wore it on a men’s mannequin. It’s pretty cool, so please take a look.

At first one is a scarf clasp using resin parts of “Musical Note Series” (Yellow).

The unique patterns and gorgeous colors are eye-catching.

This is a casual jacket with a zebra print scarf.

It’s quite thick, but it’s just right for this clip to hold it in place.

Next one is a combines resin parts of the “Oxblood Coral Series” drop with flower type.

You can’t see it well in the picture, but it’s wearing a yellow scarf wrapped around a black zipper-fastening jacket.

It is a scarf clasp brooch using the resin parts of “Watermelon Series” (Green) “lily series(green)”.

As you can see, I paired a leopard print stole with a white bomber jacket.

The position of the stole clip is up to you, but I tend to fasten it from the top where the two pieces overlap.

Besides, it is also fashionable to fasten a muffler.

Please try it out.

Click here for other scarf clasp brooch.

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