Father’s Day | 3 Recommended Tie Pins


I will introduce the recommended items for Father’s Day today as well. Today is 3 tie pins. I heard that the number of people who wear tie pins is decreasing recently, but many fathers may try to wear them as gifts.

By the way, first of all, it is a tie pin of the “Plum Cake Series” (Pink).

I thought it was flashy because it had a lot of decorations, but when I put it on, it fits well. As you can see in the picture.

Next is the “Lily Series” (Yellow Green) tie pin.

This is a cute design with a flower shape.  When you wear it, it fits unexpectedly and becomes fashionable. You can use it to fasten the muffler in winter.

The last is the tie pin of the “Dandy Series”.

The design is simple and easy to coordinate. Recommended for beginners with tie pins.

A tie clip can also be used to fasten a muffler, shawl, or scarf, so it’s convenient to have one. I also use it to fasten large and thick shawls. It comes with a flower box wrapping, so please consider it as a gift for Father’s Day.

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