How to use a hat pin|For Hats and Jackets

I’ve been watching the drama “Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators” on Amazon lately.

It’s a British drama, a detective story.

Briefly, the story is about a detective man and woman who solve cases (usually murders) in a town.

Unlike American dramas, both men and women are usually the main characters, but they are not beautiful men and women with outstanding style.

This is the best part of the story because it feels so real.

And one of the main characters, the woman, is always wearing cute accessories.

The clothes are a bit rustic, but colorful and cute, just the way I like them. I like it.

So, she was wearing a hat in the wedding scene in one of the episodes, and she had a feather ornament on the hat.

Oh, after all British people wear hats I was strangely convinced.

In Japan, people don’t often wear feather decorations on their hats.

So, in that connection, today I’d like to show you a coordinated look using hat pins.

At first, it is a gorgeous hatpin with resin parts of “Pansy Series” (Green).

I put it on the jacket.

This hatpin has a bird motif, and the head part uses amethyst.

Next one is a simple hatpin using the resin parts of the “Flame series” (Purple).

I put this on a men’s jacket.

Recommended when you want to add something to the accent.

Last one is a simple hatpin combining square resin parts of “Tabby Cat Series” and heart shaped golden freshwater pearls.

This hat is simple with no decorations, so it’s a good place to put on these hat decorations.

It is gorgeous and cute because it has hanging decorations.

I just bought a hat for the sunshade, but I was impressed by how much it changed with just one hatpin.

What do you think.

Hatpins are also a versatile accessory that can be fastened to shawls and scarves.

It is also popular as a gift, so I recommend it for Mother’s Day soon and as a gift.

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