Father’s Day Gift| Recommended Hatpin


By the way, I have introduced the recommended products for Father’s Day for a while. Today is a hatpin. As the name suggests, hatpins are decorations that can be attached to hats, but they can also be used as lapel pins to decorate the chest. It is also fashionable to fasten a muffler or scarf.

At first, it is the hatpin of the “Wood and Lame Series”.

My recommended way to wear it is to keep the needle invisible. Especially hats should be fastened like that.

Next, it is the hatpin of the “Sleety Rain Series” (Purple).

Of course it’s nice to put it on the collar of the jacket, but I also thought it would be nice to put it on a baseball cap. How do you like that? It’s not as bad as I thought. After all, please insert it deeply so that you cannot see the needle in the same way.

The last is the hat pin of the “Play Cards Series”.

If you attach the needle so that you can see it, it will look like this. It feels like a flower is inserted in the chest. When you put it on your hat, you feel like you’re wearing a hatpin. If you can’t see the needle, it feels like a pin brooch. Please try various things as you like.

The hatpins come in handy as casual fashion items and it will be a unique accent of simple clothes, so if you’re wondering what to give as a gift, please consider it. it’s our recommended.

Father’s Day is June 20th this weekend.

Click here for a list of hatpins.

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