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men's hairpin father's day

I would like to introduce Andy above with a man’s hairpin recommended for Father’s Day gifts. If you want to put your hair together with one hairpin, you can do it with about this hair length. It’s hard to feel that there is a father with such a hairstyle, but I would like to introduce it in the same way as the introduction of hair elastic the other day.

At first, the “Black & White Series” hairpin.

I always write about men’s hair accessories, but in the case of men’s bun hairstyles, if you put them together casually, they will look cool. Please recommend it to your father as well.

Next is Changeable Ornament Hairpin for the “Rose Tree Series” (Black).

I tried to make it half-up, but it is very easy to put together because the stick part is made of wood. To tell the truth, this hair is a hair wig. So, when I try to put my hair together, it gets misaligned and it’s very difficult to do, but in the case of this wooden hairpin, it’s easy to put it together. Real hair also, there of course same.

The last is the hairpin of the “Splattered Series”.

This photo looks like a woman when viewed from behind. That means it’s cool to put together in this way, regardless of whether it’s male or female. However, if the hair is too dry, the feeling of cleanliness will be diminished, so my recommendation is to use a little hair oil or make the hair moderately shiny.

Please recommend it to your father.

The hairpin is cooler than the hair elastic when you want to put it together when the hair hangs down during work.

We have a video of how to use it. Please take a look.

Please consider it as a present for Father’s Day.

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