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men's hair elastic father's day

Today, as a Father’s Day gift, I would like to introduce a men’s hair elastic recommended for fathers with long hair. I wonder if there are such people. Long-haired dad. I’m a little worried.

But a few years ago, a father who lived diagonally across from my house, had long hair. It was rumored to be a painter, and he always had a ponytail, so I don’t think there’s anyone like that at all.

At first, I would like to introduce is the “Tiger Beetle Series” a men’s hair elastic.

It has an insect pattern, a silver color and a simple square, so I think it is easy for men to use. This design was originally made with the intention of being easy for men to use.

Next is the hair elastic of the “Calico Cat Series”.

I think it’s easy to wear with a simple square and black and white brown, which is a basic color. My theory is that when men wear hair elastics, it will be wild and cool if they are put together as casually as possible. Please try it.

The last is the hair elastic of the “Carpet Series (purple)“.

The bolo ties in this series are so popular that I always think that hair elastics will also be popular. Not only half-up hair style, even when the ponytail, please try summarized as much as possible casually. In my image, it’s an image of a Korean historical drama. How is it?

Men tend to have less hair than women, so it may be less likely that you will be given hair elastic on Father’s Day, but it is highly recommended for long-haired fathers.

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