Father’s Day | Recommended | Fashionable silk bolo tie


It’s getting hotter and hotter.

My workplace is on the second floor with good sunlight, so it’s very hot, so the day before yesterday I turned on the air conditioner for the first time this year. Breaking my own rule that June is not the time yet. With that said, I would like to introduce a fashionable silk bolo tie that is recommended for this year’s Cool-Biz and Father’s Day gifts.

The first is the silk bolo tie of the Oxblood Coral Series.

Pink and red. But when you wear it, it’s strangely chic and fashionable.

The braid is what we ordered from a craftsman in Kyoto by choosing the thread and braiding method. If you look closely, you can see that the thread uses two colors. This is a fashionable point.

Next is a butterfly-patterned silk bolo tie.

In the photo, I tried to match it with a shirt without a jacket, conscious of Cool Biz.

For button-down shirts, it is troublesome to remove the button when putting on the bolo tie. After putting it on, it feels clean and fashionable.

The last one is a silk bolo tie using 925 silver.

It is also because a little large decoration part, is heavy more slightly because the silver material. However, it is a massive and cool bolo tie.

I think there is still an image of an old man when it comes to bolo ties. Than at one time, I think you have come to wear even young people. Some of the anime I watched the other day also had children wearing bolo ties, and it shouldn’t be just the ones of my grandfather. Of course it is also recommended for women.

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