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Recently, I don’t go out because of the COVID-19, so I’m checking the fashion of a drama because I can’t check everyone who goes to the city. Last week I finally finished watching the Korean drama “Doctor Prisoner” that I was addicted to, but since this drama is mainly for hospitals and prisons, I couldn’t check the fashion. Well, only the villain’s director and her daughter wore fashionable clothes. So I decided to watch an American drama from this week. The drama is called “Riviera”, but it’s a celebrity story, so the party dress is cute. And the hairstyle of the party also fashionable and helpful. I’m wondering what would happen if I used Tamarsan’s hair accessories at the drama. So today, I would like to introduce three types of red-butterfly-hairpins that are popular as gifts.

First is the hairpin of the “Musical Note Series (pink)”.

The butterfly motif is popular in the first place, but if it comes to pink in the musical note series, it is quite popular.

Next is the hairpin of the “Rainbow Series” (Orange).

The “Rainbow Series” is also gorgeous and shines on your hair. I think it would be very nice to match it with the hairstyle of the party. I hope that the day when we will have a party will come soon. This also goes well with clothes and kimono.

The last is the hairpin of the “Lily Series” (Red).

Single-winged butterflies are also popular. This hairpin has a gorgeous design with a drop-shaped coral (dyed) swaying, which makes it especially suitable for kimono.

The hairstyles in this photo are put together in bun hair and then hairpins are inserted, but you can also put them together in one piece. There is also a video on how to use it, so please take a look. All of the above hairpins come with a box, making them perfect as gifts. When you register as a Tamale Thunder member, you will also get a bag to put your hairpin in. Recommended for gifts.

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