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double chain necklace

I really like the blouse in the picture above and bought it 7 or 8 years ago at a fashionable boutique in Paris. Maybe I was wearing it too much, and the top button was a little easier to come off, so unfortunately I used it for shooting. What’s good is that it looks great on Instagram “Instagenic” as you can see, I think. How about you? It’s a beautiful antique pink, and when combined with accessories, the accessories look even better, I think. How about you? That’s why today I would like to introduce two recommended double-chain-necklace that fit that favorite shirt.

First is the “Glaze series” (Blue) double-chain-necklace. It is a design that combines astringent red garnet with greenish light blue resin parts. The combination of light blue and red is my favorite, and in terms of resin parts, the Ramune series (pink) is that shade. It goes well with pink shirts.

Next is the “Musical Note Series” (Pink) double-chain-necklace.

It is a gorgeous design that combines parts with small rhodonite woven into the ring with heart resin parts. This chain is extremely thin, so be careful not to get entangled when you put it away, but it is highly recommended because it has a nice delicate feeling when you put it on.

The last one is also the “Musical Note Series” (Pink) double-chain-necklace.

This chain is very popular in Tamarusan, and although it is cute even if it is made in single, I made it in double more. In particular, I think that this copper antique plating is the most suitable for this chain.

Perfect for a casual accent on the chest of a pink shirt.

Speaking of pink shirts, I always remember the line “Bring a pink shirt!”. When I came back from the office when I was still a clerk, 2go(my sister) talked about the TV she watched in the daytime. Among them, there was a story about a drama, and when the actor who played the role of an actor always came into play in that drama, and he shout “Bring a pink shirt!”. Is there such a drama? When 2go laughed at it, she impersonated every day until the drama ended. So, when it I see a pink shirt, I wanted to say, “Bring a pink shirt!” I can’t remember that drama name at all now. Someone tell me.

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