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Recently, I often see people wearing hats with chin straps. Is it popular these days? During this time, hats with chin straps were also sold at shops where I went to buy hats for photography. In the olden days, toattached a strap to the hat on your own or there was only hat for children. However, I think that there are still few hats with chin straps, so I would like to introduce Tamarsan’s hat-clip-chin-strap-type.

The first is the “Oxblood Coral Series” hat clip chin strap type.

I tried to fasten the hunting cap. Recently, guerrilla thunderstorms and tornadoes have occurred frequently, so it is safe to fasten your hat with a chin strap. The chin strap may have a crappy image, but how about it, isn’t it pretty fashionable?

Next is the “Forest Series” (Purple) hat clip chin strap type. A strap hat closure that combines blue lace and amethyst. It’s a taut hat, so I bent the brim and then fastened it.

The last is a hat clip chin strap type that uses resin parts from the “Navy Blue Socks Series”.

I put it on a felt hat for summer. I was wondering what the chin strap looks like on this hat, but when I put it on, it’s pretty fashionable. It looks more like a straw hat than a felt hat.

I also usually wear a hat with a chin strap and fly a bicycle. I live in an area with many slopes, so a chin strap is essential. This cap closure is clip-on and removable, so you can attach it only when you need it. It is also recommended as a slightly unusual gift.

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