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four-leaf clover type hair elastic

When I was a kid, I used to go to my relatives’ apple fields during the summer vacation. There were a lot of clovers growing in that field, and I was looking at the four-leaf clovers, and I found that it wasn’t four-leaf clovers, but clovers with six or seven leaves. I was surprised because there are 6 or 7 leaves, even though the four-leaf clover is quite rare. I was thrilled, took it, and showed it to my relatives’ aunt. “Oh, let’s see, it has seven leaves, I’ve taken eight, thank you, I’m collecting”, she said, and just put it in her pocket. ”What? dose she take it?, no, I wanted it too. ” I thought.  I couldn’t tell her to give it back (I would say it now) and it was added to her collection as it was. “Well, it’s her field.” I thought, at that time, maybe. When I think of a four-leaf clover, I always remember that. So, today I would like to introduce the recommended four-leaf clover type hair elastics.

First of all, it is the hair of “Pansy Series” (Bordeaux).

The clover was as big as this hair elastic. Certainly. I heard that when you step on it and get a stimulus, the three leaves become four leaves. Is that true? For now, try stepping on the clover, which was attached to the eye, but I’m at a later time check, I do not see four-leaf for now.

Next is the “Marble Series” (Green) hair elastic.

This is a slightly smaller type than the “Pansy Series (Bordeaux)” above. When I was looking at this, I began to think that it was actually about this size. Well, anyway because the leaves are growing a lot, it is certainly larger than normal.

The last is the “Lemon Series” (Pink) hair elastic.

Tamarusan’s cloverleaf is made by combining heart parts. I think people like and dislike the heart shape, but I think there are few people who dislike the cloverleaf.

Hair elastics are popular for personal use, but they are also popular as gifts. If you are looking for a gift, please consider it. it’s recommended.

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