Cufflinks with Big Ornaments


At first, I made the cufflinks because I wanted to wear them myself.

I happened to buy a shirt that had cufflinks, and the shirt didn’t come with cufflinks.

No, or maybe it was attached, but I didn’t like it and threw it away.

Anyway, that’s how it all started, and I started out making rather small ornaments, but I guess it’s like makeup.

I started out making rather small ornaments, but they gradually became thicker and bigger.

Today I would like to show you how to coordinate such large decorative cufflinks.

At first, it is a cufflinks-with-big-ornaments using resin parts of “Architecture Series” (Purple).

Even though it’s big, it’s only 2.5 cm in length and width, so it doesn’t feel so big when you wear it like this.

It can also be used in everyday use.

Next one is a cufflinks-with-big-ornaments combining square resin parts of “Amazon Series” (Red) like flowers.

This one is quite large.

The length and width are 3 cm.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that they are only 5mm different from the cufflinks above.

This 5 mm has quite an impact on the overall size.

In Kyudo(Jananese archery), an error of 3 mm has a huge impact on the target.

However, I think it is quite fashionable to wear a jacket like this and show a glimpse of it.

Last one is a pair of cufflinks using a resin parts of “Lily Series” (Yellow Green).

This one is 2.5 cm in length and width, but because it is made of rings, it is translucent and light.

It is also recommended for everyday use.

This time, I tried to coordinate it with men’s specifications, but of course it is recommended for women as well.

I, Tamaru1go, was the model above, and when I put on my tie and cufflinks, I somehow felt like I was going to the office!

It is also recommended as a slightly different and unique gift.

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