Recommended Eyeglass Chain


It’s been cool today for the first time in a while.

I realized that it would be so cool if the sun wasn’t out.

By the way, today I would like to introduce three types of eyeglass chains that are recommended for everyday use. In my case, I wear eyeglass chain when I work with a PC, but not when I make accessories. So it is quite convenient to have a eyeglass chain to put on and take off your eyeglass.

For everyday use, I think it’s better to have a lighter weight, so I chose a type that is particularly light and easy to put on.

The first is the asymmetrically decorated “recommended-eyeglass-chain” that combines the strap and chain of the“Lily Series” (White).

The strap is thin about 3 mm wide, so it is lightly finished as a whole. The color is sepia and easy to coordinate.

Next is the “recommended-eyeglass-chain” for the “Carpet Series (Purple)”.

This is also an asymmetrical design with a resin decoration on only one side. The chain I’m using is called a twist chain, which has a twisted shape and is difficult to entangle. It weighs about 2 grams heavier than the strap type, but it is lighter because the decoration is smaller.

The last is the “recommended eyeglass chain” that uses resin parts from the “Navy Blue Socks Series”.

This is an asymmetrical decorative design that combines a leater strap and a chain. If the part that hits the neck is a leather strap, it feels good to the touch and is comfortable to wear.

How is it?

A gorgeous eyeglass chain that can be used as a necklace with lots of decorations is also nice, but if you use it every day, the simple type above is easy to use and recommended. It is also popular as a gift, so it is recommended.

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