Recommended chokers with insect motif


The temperature has suddenly dropped recently and it’s cold! It’s an overstatement, but it’s pretty cool.

It’s strange that I feel like wearing accessories around my neck. Well, maybe it’s because I don’t sweat.

So, today I would like to introduce a recommended chokers with the insect motif.

First of all, it is a “recommended-choker” using the resin parts of the “Cicada Series”.

The oval hoop has rhinestones and shines, making it a small but eye-catching design. A fashionable choker that is easy to use for everyday use. We attached a mother of pearl to the extender.

Next is a recommended ribbon choker using the resin parts of the “Watermelon Series” (Green).

A fashionable choker with a cute bee charm. Burmese Jade is attached to the extender.

The last is a  “recommended-choker” using the resin parts of the “Vortex Series” (Orange).

A cute charm choker that combines heart-shaped resin parts in the shape of a butterfly. The blue rhinestones are accented. I attached a carnelian to the extender. This also goes well with everyday use and party dresses.

How is it?

All of the chokers I introduced have small decorations, so I think they are easy to wear. This time I matched it with a blouse, but it also goes well with dresses and sweaters. It is also a popular gift item.

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