Fashionably Eyeglass-Holder-Necklace


Eyeglass-holder-necklaces are recommended for hanging eyeglasses in a stylish way, instead of hanging them on the collar of a T-shirt or something. There are several types of Tamarusan, including natural stones, leather straps and chains. Today I would like to introduce three types of eyeglass holders among them. First one is an eyeglass-holder-necklace using the […]

Recommended chokers with insect motif


The temperature has suddenly dropped recently and it’s cold! It’s an overstatement, but it’s pretty cool. It’s strange that I feel like wearing accessories around my neck. Well, maybe it’s because I don’t sweat. So, today I would like to introduce a recommended chokers with the insect motif. First of all, it is a “recommended-choker” […]