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I once heard that you dream only a few seconds before you wake up, but is it true?

In a dream I had last night, I looked out the window of an unfamiliar apartment complex.

And saw that it was under construction, covered with earth, and there was a dinosaur lying on the ground.

I wondered how I knew it was a dinosaur, since it was quite a distance away, but somehow I knew it was a dinosaur, and for some reason I were excited to take a closer look at it later.

Then, when I was looking at the dinosaurs.

As they were, a horse jumped out of the embankment for some reason, and I woke up when I was surprised, “Wow, there is a horse in such a place!”.

So today I’d like to introduce you to the dinosaur series of accessories.

At first, it is a cufflink button using the round resin parts of the “Dinosaur-Series” (Green).

Which is the dinosaur, the black part is the dinosaur.

This series is made of gold and silver leaf in resin. Green is gold leaf in resin.

We found gold along with the dinosaurs! It’s like that.

Next one is an eyeglass holder pin brooch using resin parts of “Dinosaur-Series” (Purple).

It is a useful item that can be used as a lapel pin, a hat ornament, or to hang glasses on.

Purple has gold leaf.

It is a choker combining the resin parts of the “Dinosaur Series” (Navy Blue) and freshwater pearl and onyx.

It has an adjuster chain so you can fit it with a high neck sweater.

We can adjust the length of the adjusters, so please let us know when you place your order if you have any requests.

Navy blue is has silver leaf.

How was it?

The dinosaur series is one of the older Tamarusan series and one of my favorites.

The Dinosaur Series is a stylish series that is also recommended as a gift.

a list of cufflinks.

Click here for a list of eyeglass holder pin brooches.

Click here for a list of chokers.

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