Everyday Hair Style Arrangement with Hairpin


I myself wear hairpins with my daily clothes, so I think of them as hair accessories for daily use, but if you search for “hairpin”, you will find many craft-like items that look like they are meant to be worn with “Kimonos”.

So, I realized the other day that the image of hairpin as something to be worn with kimono may still be in progress.

I would like to introduce some hairstyles to match with your clothes so that you can use hairpin in your daily life.

The first of daily-use-of-hairpin from the “Mizuhiki Series” made of resin.

I made a half-updo style.

You can’t see the clothes, but I match it with my clothes.

This half-up bun is made with just this hairpin.

Next one is a luxury double prong hair stick from the “Splattered Series” made of resin.

The bifurcated hairpin is useful for doing a french roll, but you can also do a half-updo like this.

Last one is a stylish hairpin from the “Splattered Series” made of resin.

I put a long hair wig on the men’s model “Andy” and made him look like a chignon.

It may seem difficult to use a hairpin, but once you learn how to use it, it can be more convenient than a hair elastic.

When you put your hair up with a hair elastic, it leaves a mark in your hair, but with a hairpin, when you let your hair down, it kind of curls just right.

It’s cute too.

It looks like it’s been curled with curlers.

They are stylish enough to wear with a kimono.

There is also a video on how to use it.

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