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arrangement of hairpins

There aren’t many people around me who use hairpins to make bun hairstyles, but I think there are more people like that than in the past. Hairpin is a noteworthy item in our shop as well. For everyday use, simple decorations without hanging decorations are easy to use. A large decoration is recommended as an accent for hair arrangements at parties and other gorgeous occasions. Today, I would like to introduce recommended hairpin arrangements according to the size of such decorations.

First of all, the hairpin of the “Vine Series” (Pale Yellow) with a small decoration.

This half-up hairstyle is made with this hairpin. Because the simple decoration, is recommended for everyday use. The hair style at the time of the kimono, insert the hairpin after you have made the dumplings hair. The time wearing a kimono, oversized decoration is also nice, but it makes this such a small decoration also nonchalant accent.

Next is the hairpin of the “Forest Series” (Green) with a medium-sized decoration.

If the above hairpin is not enough, how about this? Since it has a hanging ornament, it will be a little glamorous. Feeling not flashy.

The last is a hairpin of the “Splattered Series” with a large decoration.

I thought it would be strange to make this hairpin into clothes and half-up hair style. What do you say? It’s surprisingly good. With this feeling, it looks good to match it with a party dress. Of course, it well fits the kimono. The hanging decoration uses lace and freshwater pearls, but the lace has a foamy atmosphere, so it’s cool and nice to match with a “yukata”.

How was the arrangement of hairpin decorations by size? Please try selected with the clothes and wearing want scene.

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