Feel Hawaiian Mood with Hair Clips


I think it’s natural because of the rainy season, but the humidity is terrible. There is a big stump in the Kyudo hall that I go to, but new mushrooms grow every week. Last week was a slime mold-like mushroom, and this week it was a black, withered mushroom of about 1 cm. And this morning, for some reason, it smelled like dried “Mirin” fish, and I wondered if this smell was myself, and I confirmed it all the time. It wasn’t. It was from a nearby trash can. I feel relieved. In order to get out of such a damp forest, I decided to use a certain item to delusion of the Hawaiian mood. The item is a “hair clips”. You know, speaking of Hawaii, hula. Speaking of hula, hibiscus is inserted in the hair. I’ll put Tamarusan’s hair clips on instead the hibiscus. Also, I thought that might not be enough, so I borrowed Moo Moo from “tamaru2go”. It’s a little bad taste, though. Please have a look.

The first is the hair-clip of the “New Rose Tree Series” (Blue).

The red one that you can glimpse is Muumuu. Maybe because I’m in Japan, this muumuu? You might think that, but I think it’s not bad if you actually wear it while eating poke in Hawaii. Of course, it goes well with ordinary clothes and kimono.

Next is the “Rainbow Series” (Orange) hair-clip.

Doesn’t it look like a hula hairstyle when you fasten it like this? I think that if you pull down your hair and make it feel a little dry, you will get a more Hawaiian feel. How is it?

The last is a that combines the resin parts of the Cicada Series and Water Surface Series” (Pink).

Even with a short hair, if you put a hair clip on like this, you will get a Hawaiian atmosphere. Muumuu tshould also be effective.

How was it?

Feel like you’ve been to Hawaii with a hair clip. While shooting, it made me feel like I was in Hawaii. Please try everyone also.


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