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lace yukata obbidome

I tried wrapping a Obi belt around a lace blouse

My daily routine is to read the newspaper while brushing my teeth in the morning, today, article stating that yukata of lace fabric is popular caught my eye. I had thought that even in Kyudo, a kimono made of lace fabric would look cool. At that time, I didn’t see many lace kimonos, so I wonder if I should make it myself, but since the width of the lace fabric is different from the kimono fabric, it is troublesome to calculate the required length. And it became “COVID-19 pandemic”. I’m absent from the Japanese dressing class, so I don’t think I’ll have a chance to make one.

However, if it is popular, there are likely to be various types, and I think it would be a good idea to buy a commercial yukata. With that said, today I would like to introduce a recommended “Obidome” for a Yukata (kimono) made of lace fabric.

First is the Obidome of the “Oxblood Coral Series”.

I don’t have a lace yukata yet, so the photo is for a normal kimono. But this cute shade of pink and red goes well with a romantic lace.

Next is the “Obidome” using the resin parts of the “Glaze Series” (Blue).

It’s not a lace Yukata, but I tried to match it with a Yukata. Since the ring part is woven using silk thread, it has a lace-like atmosphere and goes well with the lace Yukata.

The last is an “Obidome” using the three-color resin parts of the “Mizuhiki Series”.

This part is made by dyeing Mizuhiki and submerging it in resin. It has a lace-like atmosphere and goes well with lace Yukata. The color is also astringent, so it accentuates the romantic taste and tightens the Yukata style.

It has become established that Yukata is completely worn like a kimono. In the NHK drama I watched the other day, I saw actress “Mitsu Dan” wearing a kimono, but when I glanced at her wearing shoes or boots, it looked like clothes. At that time, Imagine if in Japan, if kimono was still the main outfit, it might have evolved into a more unusual shape, for example, the sleeves became puff sleeves.

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