Recommended Cufflinks for Gifts


I’ve been seeing Christmas decorations here and there for a while now, so I’d like to get into the Christmas spirit at Tamarsan.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to some cufflinks that I recommend as gifts.

It is a pair of cufflinks button using resin parts of “Architecture Series” (Purple).

The design is based on the blueprint for the first floor of the Ginza store, which was closed in 2016.

In this series, a part of the design is cut randomly, so the color and pattern changes each time and each piece is unique.

This is a great gift that is a bit unique.

Next one is a cufflink button using Apollo type resin parts of “Dinosaur Series” (Navy Blue).

The bottom shines and glitters, attracting the eye even though it is small.

If you look closely, you can see a black dinosaur.

This is a good gift for people who like dinosaurs.

Last one is a cufflink buttons using square resin parts of “Backyard Series”.

The design was inspired by the ferns and ivy that grew in Tamarusan’s garden.

The color and pattern of this piece also changes depending on the part to be cut out, so each piece is unique.

I tried to match it with a men’s shirt, but it is also recommended for women.

Many shirts these days are designed to be fastened with either cufflinks or buttons.

If you have such a shirt, please try cufflinks.

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