Fasten Shawls and Mufflers in a Stylish Way


Yesterday’s morning practice of Kyudo was cold. Very cold.

I felt like winter had come.

But it’s warmer than expected after nine o’clock.

The jacket I usually wear is thick but unlined, which makes me cold in the morning, so I think I need to add a shawl or scarf.

So, I’d like to introduce you to “shawl pins” that are recommended for holding shawls and scarves in style.

At first, it is a shawl-pin which weaved coral beads in resin parts of “Amazon Series” (Red).

It’s a large shawl with a very thick fabric, but the needle is 5 cm long, so it fastens perfectly.

Next one is a shawl-pin using resin parts of “Watermelon Series” (Green).

I fastened it to a muffler on a male mannequin.

The needle is three centimeters long, which is enough to fasten a muffler of general thickness.

It is recommended as a stylish accent for a muffler like a necktie pin.

Last one is a quilt pin brooch using resin parts of “Rose Tree Series” (Blue).

I wrapped the stole like a cloak and fastened it.

This is a discounted item, so if you’re interested, please don’t delay.

By the way, what do you call a brooch of this shape?

At Tamarusan, we call them safety pin brooches, but a quick Google search shows that stole pins and shawl pins are searched for more often.

And quilt pins.

I think this is the real name, but I’m not too familiar with it.

Please let me know what you call it in your home.

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