Stylish Accessories Collar-Decoration


Today I’d like to introduce you to some stylish and unique accessory “collar-decoration” .

I recommend as gifts since Christmas is coming soon.

The good thing about collar ornaments is that they can be worn without direct contact with the skin, so people with metal allergies can wear them, and unlike brooches, the clasps are clip-on, so they can be worn without making holes in the clothes.

The reason I came up with this idea was because I saw a character in an American drama called Glee wearing one.

It was so cute that I wanted to make such an accessory as soon as possible.

At first, it is a collar decoration from the “Fawn Series” (Green) shape butterfly made of resin.

This attractive design features two single-blade butterfly parts connected by turquoise and mother-of-pearl.

I tried to match it with a shirt.

It became like a brooch like necklace.

Next is a stylish collar decoration using the heart-shaped resin parts of the “Wood & Lame Series” and “Lily Series” (Red).

It is a combination of freshwater pearls, rhodonite, and coral (dye) to match the color of the resin.

You can’t tell from the picture, but I’m clothing it with a collared dress.

Last one is a necklace that used resin parts of “Plum Cake Series” (Green Tea).

We combined freshwater pearls according to the color of the resin.

The color of the freshwater pearls used is an elegant lustrous green and I really like it.

These are discounted due to their unpredictability, so if this sounds like something you’d like to buy, please do so as soon as possible.

Collar clip decorations are unique and fashionable items, and are recommended for those who are looking for a unique and wonderful gift.

You can wear it in a variety of ways so that you can enjoy it in your own way.

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