Recommended Cuff Links for Stylish Suits


Today, I would like to introduce you to Tamarusan’s recommended-cuff-links links with a slightly smaller decoration.

In the past, I used to buy special shirts so that I could wear cufflinks, but nowadays many shirts are designed to be used with both cufflinks and regular buttons.

It’s quite convenient and I appreciate it.

Well, first, it is a recommended-cuff-links button using square resin parts of “Dororon Series” (Pink).

The colorful colors make it eye-catching even though it is small.

This shirt can be fastened with regular buttons as described above, or it can be fastened with cuffs as shown in the picture.

Next is a pair of cufflink buttons using the resin parts of “Water Surface Series” (Blue).

Since purple is used in the pattern of the resin, I added a purple tie.

It is a cufflink button using square resin parts of “Japanese Chrysanthemum Knit Series” (Blue).

Perhaps it is because of the orange in the color of the resin, but even though it is small, it is a casually stylish accent.

It is a shirt that can both use the cuff links and buttons used this time, but it feels like this.

If you have such a shaped shirt, please try the fashion of the cuff links.

Recommended for gifts.

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