Bun Hairstyles Made with Hair Elastics


Today, I’d like to show you a chic “bun-hairstyle-made-with-hair-elastics” using black and white brown plastic parts.

At first, it is a gorgeous hair elastic using resin parts of “Chocolate Series”.

I made a half-up bun-hairstyles-made-with-hair-elastics.

Here’s how to make this bun-hairstyles-made-with-hair-elastics.

Braid the braid as tightly as possible and put it in a round shape to hide the elastic of the hair band for a cute fastening.

Next is a gorgeous hair elastic using the resin parts of “Calico Cat Series”.

This is also a half-up bun-hairstyles-made-with-hair-elastics.

Last one is a gorgeous hair elastic combining heart type resin parts of “Backyard Series” into clover type.

Here, too, all the hair is gathered into one bun, braided into a braid, and then the bun is made in the same way as above.

If you use a hair elastic, you can enjoy a hairpin stick bun hairstyle without using a hairpin stick.

Hair elastics are not only for tying up hair, but also for accenting a stylish hairstyle.

It’s a popular accessory as a gift, so it’s a little early, but it’s also a great gift for Christmas.

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