Hairstyles Using New Product Hair Elastics

Hairstyles Using New Product Hair Elastic

Following the last time, we want to introduce some new produts.

Today is the hairstyle using the new product hair elastics.

First of all, It is a hairstyles-using-new-product-hair-elastic using the resin parts from the “Dandy Series” and “Pansy Series” (Bordeaux).

The color of the resin I chose seemed modest, but when I tied my hair, it was more individual, and it wasn’t such a big decoration, so it seems to be good for everyday use.

Next is a fashionable hairstyles-using-new-product-hair-elastic that combines the resin parts of the “Vortex Series” (Blue) and Glaze Series” (Purple).

The resin ornament part is large, but when you put it on your hair, it will become a hair ornament of just the right size. The color is also unique and chic. It goes well with kimono.

At the end, it is a fashionable flower hair elastic that combines the resin parts of the “Glaze series” (Blue) and “Pansy Series” (Bordeaux).

The actress who appeared in the Korean drama “She Was Pretty” was crocheting her side hair from left to right.

The photo on the left imitated that hairstyle.

I won’t do it because it’s hot now, but I’m thinking of trying it myself in winter.

When it’s hot, I often combine hairstyles into one and make bun hair.

But today I thought I’d try to make it a little more elaborate, and today I’ll braid it and then make it into buns.

I found that this is more neat and tidy. I will try this hairstyle for a while from tomorrow.

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