Accessories Using Fashionable Mizuhiki


Previously, we announced new resin parts after we had some items. After all, we want you to see it as soon as it is completed! That’s why it came to be uploaded in the order of completion. So, I think the “Fashionable Mizuhiki accessories” “Mizuhiki Series” introduced this time was probably about 5 at first. But now we increased 15 products, so, I would like to introduce such new products.

Mizuhiki Series: These are Mizuhiki series using the traditional Japanese craft “Mizuhiki.” I gathered and put the colored ones together in a resin. Please enjoy the color scheme and controls.

First of all, it is purple and green hair elastic of the “Mizuhiki Series“.

It is a design like a crest combining three rings. I think it will fit the hairstyle at the time of kimono.

The following is a silk braid bolo tie using the orange and green of the resin parts of “Mizuhiki Series”.

It is unisex. Braid in pure silk, it is what was made by special order to braid craftsman of Kyoto. Patterns such as polka dots is characterized.

The last is the chain bolo tie that uses a blue-green and pink resin parts of “Mizuhiki Series”.

This is also unisex. As the bolo tie style, the decorative part can move up and down. I feel that the necklace rather than a bolo tie. The picture on the right is a male mannequin wearing it. The triangle stone used for this bolo tie is very unique and fashionable with the name “Stripe Blue Opal”. The stone pattern is horizontal stripes and vertical stripes.

How is it?

15? I did not count the item before writing this blog, so I thought there were more than 30 pieces. It was less than I thought. But it’s okay. I will gradually increase from now on, please look forward to it.

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