Recommended Bolo Tie Like a Necklace


Since last week, I have introduced accessories that I want to match with autumn / winter fashion, but I would like to continue doing this this week as well.

Today is “Recommended! Loop tie like a necklace”.

The nice thing about bolo ties is that you can move the decorative parts up and down according to your clothes.

You can wear it like a choker, you can wear it like a long necklace and you can wear it with the length of the left and right strings asymmetric. You can enjoy various ways of wearing.

The first is a leather strap bolo tie that uses the resin parts of the “Lily Series” (Red).

It is a gorgeous design with coral (dyed) hanging in the middle of the resin decoration. The photo matches the sweater and cardigan, but it’s also fashionable to match the shirt.

It is a silk braid bolo tie using “Pansy Series” (Green), “Ramune Series” (Green), “Plum Cake Series” (Green Tea), “Cheetah Series” and “New Rose Tree Series” (Yellow-Green).

I put it like a choker and a long necklace that matches the shirt.

The last is a leather strap bolo tie using resin parts of “Marble Series” (Green).

I put it on a necklace style and a choker style. The choker style creates a cool atmosphere. It’s also like a punk style.

The boto tie introduced this time is also recommended for men. Please try it for a unique accent with a simple outfit.

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