Hairpins That Are OK If The Pins Deteriorate


Tamarusan’s hairpin is designed that the decoration and pin can be removed.


I’ve written here several times about the reason why this happened, so I think there are quite a few people who know it.

To put it simply, hairpins cannot be repaired if the force to pinch the hair is lost.

There may actually be a repair method, but Tamarusan doesn’t have that technology at the moment.

However, there were quite a few requests to have their favorite hairpin repaired, and I came up with the idea of making this decoration and pin removable.

That way, even if the pin breaks, you can use it again by replacing it with a new pin.

Since this design, there are no more hairpin repair requests.

If the pin breaks, I’m thinking that their are using it by replacing it with a new pin.

I really hope that’s the case.

Any pin that fits into the metal fitting that fits the hairpin on the back of the decoration is fine.

We will introduce three recommended hairpins with hairstyles that match your kimono.

The first is a cute detachable-hairpin that uses resin parts from the “Cicada Series”.

I tried to match it with the kimono. This hairstyle is recommended for people with short hair.

It is a simple drop shape detachable-hairpin from the “Vortex Series” (Pink) made of resin.

If you insert it into the base of the dumpling and fasten it, you can wear it in a hairpin style.

Last one is a hairpin using resin parts of “Vine Series” (Blue).

If you have short hair and want to feel like a hairpin stick “Kanzashi”, it is recommended to wear a hairpin with a hanging decoration like this.

Hairpins are also a popular gift item.

A hairpin that can be replaced if the hairpin fails.

It’s recommended.

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