Convenient and Fashionable Eyeglass Accessories


Among Tamarusan’s accessories, my favorite item is the eyeglass holder brooch.

Because I wear my glasses when I go out, but only to see far away, and when I look at near, I take them off.

If I take off this, it went somewhere, instantly.

Maybe I unknowingly put it in my bag or hang it around my collar.

If you put it in your bag, you don’t have to worry about it, but if it’s put on the collar, you forget that it was hanging and you drop it.

When I was in Hawaii once, I was so absorbed in shopping at the outlets that I lost my glasses and was in a great panic.

I found it.

After that, since I started using eyeglass holder brooches, I almost never lose them.

So, I would definitely recommend it to anyone like me who puts it on and off.

Moreover, it can be used not only as an eyeglass holder but also as a brooch, so it is recommended as a slightly stylish gift.

Today, I would like to introduce three recommended points.

It is an eyeglass holder pin brooch using resin parts of “Plum Cake Series” (Pink).

As it is a pin brooch, it is small and has a casual accent.

There are several other resin series differences in this design.

Next is a brooch using resin parts of “Tabby Cat Series”.

This is an ordinary brooch, but since the resin part is a ring, you can hook your eyeglasses here.

This is a large resin part, so it will be a gorgeous accent for a wide-brimmed hat decoration.

Last one is an eyeglass holder pin brooch using resin parts of “Musical Note Series” (Pink).

You can hang your glasses on the curved metal stems.

Its cute shape makes it the perfect accent to a simple outfit.

As for how to hang the eyeglasses, fold the upper temple first and then the lower temple to prevent the eyeglasses from falling off when you bend down.

This is to prevent the glasses from falling, so please hook them that way.

We also have videos on each product page showing how to hook it up, so please take a look.

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