Recommended Simple Chic Necktie Pins


Tamarusan’s necktie pins tend to be colorful or have large decorations, but today I’d like to introduce you to recommended-simple-chic-necktie-pins that are easy to wear.

The first recommended-simple-chic-necktie-pins is a simple tie clip using a round resin parts of “Dandy Series”.

I put it on a light blue tie.

This resin part looks like a button, and the glimpse of pink is the button hole.

Next is a simple tie clip using a square resin parts of “Rose Tree Series” (Blue).

The pattern of the resin is a rose pattern, but the chic color and the white base make it look good on dark colored ties.

The last recommended-simple-chic-necktie-pins is made of square resin parts from the “Dandy Series”, which is different from the above.

I thought this was the coolest outfit of today.

The color of the resin is also a light blue, so it looks great with darker colored ties.

Tamarusan also sells stole clips that use necktie pin fittings.

The necktie pins introduced here are also useful for fastening stoles and scarves.

It’s like this.

It is a stylish item that is also recommended as a gift.

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