Fashionably Eyeglass Holder


Eyeglass holders are recommended for hanging eyeglasses in a stylish way, instead of hanging them on the collar of a T-shirt or something.

There are several types of Tamarusan, including natural stones, leather straps and chains.

Today I would like to introduce three types of eyeglass holders among them.

First one is an eyeglass holder using the square resin parts of “New Candy Series” (Navy Blue).

It is a two-way type with decorations on the front and back.

The leather strap is light and easy to wear.

It is an eyeglass holder combining “Pansy Series” (Green) resin parts and leather straps.

In this case, the plastic part of the decoration is a ring, so you can hang your glasses on it.

It can also be used as a pendant necklace.

The length of the leather strap can be adjusted with the clasp at the back.

Last one is an eyeglass holder using heart type resin parts of “Marble Series” (Blue).

The leather cord is short, and if you don’t have your glasses hooked on it, it is a leather cord choker.

The length is adjusted with the image of hanging from the collar of a T-shirt.

Eyeglasses can be hooked onto the thin ring.

When you take off your sunglasses or reading glasses for a while, you can use the eyeglass holder to hang your glasses in a stylish way instead of hanging them on your lapel.

It will also prevent you from forgetting it somewhere.

Eyeglass accessories are a popular gift item.

Also available as gifts.

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