Recommended! Stylish Tie Tack for Neckties


With the “Cool Biz” or teleworking becoming more and more popular, it seems that ties are becoming less and less important.

However, tie tacks look great because when you put them on, you can only see the decoration and not the clasp.

It’s like a pair of earrings with no visible clasp.

So when you get the chance to wear a tie, please give it a try.

Today, I would like to introduce you to some recommended tie tack pins.

First one is a tie-tack using resin parts “Lemon Series” (Pink).

The lemon pattern on a white background looks great with a dark-colored tie.

Next one is a round type resin parts of “Musical Note Series” (Blue).

This is a good choice if you want to casually enjoy a tie that is a little different from others.

Last one is a tie-tack using resin parts of “Musical Note Series” (Yellow).

It is a slightly unique drop shape.

How about a one-point accent for a rainy day?

Unlike a tie pin, a knit type is recommended if you are concerned about holes in your tie since it is attached to the tie with a needle.

It is also recommended as a slightly different gift.

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