Half-up Style With Banana-Clip


I wonder if the banana-clips are still popular today.

When I started selling some banana clips at Tamarusan, I think they were just in their prime.

I don’t go out much these days, so I don’t really know what everyone’s hairstyles are like.

So I searched on the Internet and found that there are two types: one that you wear vertically and one that you wear horizontally.

I don’t think there was a horizontal design before.

Or perhaps it was simply that it looked cute when I tried it on horizontally as well.

And the shape doesn’t seem to be any different.

However, Tamarusan’s banana clips are also cute.clips that look like they are tied with a big ribbon are cute.

Today, I’d like to show you a half-up style using a banana-clip.

First one is combining “Amazon Series (Blue)” “Marble series” (Green) “Ramune Series” (Green) “Dandy Series” and “Jewel Box Series” (Emerald).

My image is Ariana Grande, what do you think?

Next one is a banana clip using resin parts of “Pansy Series” (Orange), “Pansy Series” (Green), “Tabby Cat Series”, “Dandy Series”, “Cheetah Series”, “Rainbow Series” (Orange), “Amazon Series” (Red).

This time I tried to wear it vertically, but it would be cute horizontally as well.

Last one is a banana clip using the resin parts of the “Rainbow Series” (Purple), “Plum Cake Series” (Purple), “Lily Series” (Purple), “Carpet Series” (Purple) and “Marble Series” (Blue).

Although it is a large ornament, the purple gradation is a calm color that blends well with your hair and is recommended for everyday use.

When it comes to banana clip hair arrangements, ponytails are often introduced, but half-ups are also cute.

Please give it a try.

It is also a great gift that is a bit unique.

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