How to Wear a Brooch


It’s hot.

It’s already October, so I was trying to think about winter fashion.

It’s hotter than I thought.

However, I would like to do my best to introduce you to some winter accessory coordination.

Today, I put the brooch on my coat.

My senior Japanese archerlikes brooches, and she usually wears one on her jacket or coat when we go to the Japanese archery shop or lunch together.

Whenever I see her, I think that it would be great if our customer could wear Tamarusan’s brooch like this.

At first one is a brooch hanging black and white onyx in the middle, combining heart-shaped resin parts of “Tabby Cat Series” into four leaves.

I put it on a spring/autumn coat with a hood.

Next one is a brooch combining “Rainbow Series” (Orange) resin parts into a clover type.

I paired it with a tweed-like maxi-length coat.

This coat has a bolero-like design with no buttons. You can also use a brooch to fasten it instead of buttons.

Next, I’ll show you how to fasten it.

Last one is a brooch using resin parts of “Musical Note Series” (Purple). I am hanging amethyst in the center according to the color of the resin.

As I mentioned above, this coat also doesn’t have buttons, so I had to fasten it with a brooch.

What do you think? Isn’t it cute?

When I see jackets and coats without buttons, I am tempted to buy them because I just want to fasten them this way.

Bolero-style cardigans are also cute when fastened this way.

You can also use a hat pin to fasten it in this way.

It is highly recommended for those who like classic and stylish.

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