Tamarusan’s Hairpins

Today, I would like to introduce Tamarusan’s hairpins.

Although I’ve previously discussed this topic, it seems that occasionally reiterating such things can be beneficial.

Tamarusan’s hairpins, with the exception of certain parts, is designed so that the decorative elements and the pin can be detached. There’s a reason for this particular design. Initially, the decorations were simply adhered to the pin.

However, as those who frequently use hairpins might be aware, over time the gripping strength of the pin tends to weaken. It’s like the spring force diminishes or there’s some sort of metal fatigue. Consequently, we used to receive requests for repairs from customers.

Gorgeous Hairpin Blue Butterfly Removable

Yet, once it reaches that state, we have to regretfully decline repair requests, as it’s beyond restoration. However, when I think about how people still really like them to the point of wanting them repaired, I can’t help but wonder if there’s some way to address this issue.

And then one day, the idea of this particular design for the hairpin struck me.

The essence of it is that even if the hairpin itself becomes unusable, the decorations can still be salvaged by replacing the pin.

So, that’s how Tamarusan’s hairpin came to be in this distinctive design.

Ever since adopting this design, we haven’t received any requests for hairpin repairs.

It seems that everyone is content with replacing the hairpins and continuing to use them.

At least, that’s the assumption I’ve made on my own.

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