Recommended Pin Brooches to Never Lose Your Glasses


Still Immersed in Kyudo (Japanese Archery) Every Day.

The day before yesterday, I went to the Tokyo Budokan Kyudojo again, even in that scorching heat.

It was a match between students and working adults!

Well, as you can imagine, the students won.

Everyone was so skilled. I can’t help but wonder how good they’ll be in 10, 20, or 30 years from now!

I’m envious.

Eyeglass Holder Brooch Notes Blue Unisex

Thinking that way, I started my journey back. On this day, besides Kyudo, I had another purpose: I was hoping to find my glasses that I lost during the competition I attended around June.

I thought maybe they were still there.

Well, they weren’t.

I wonder where my glasses disappeared to.

The reason I lost them was that I forgot to use my trusty pin brooch. Instead, I foolishly put my glasses in the pocket of my jacket.

Usually, I would hang them on the Tamarsan recommended glasses holder pin brooch. So, I think if I had hung them there like I always do, the chances of losing them would have significantly decreased, whether it’s sunglasses or reading glasses, any glasses you don’t wear constantly.

That’s how it works for me.

Eyeglass Holder Brooch Tiger Cat Gold Yellow

The last time I lost them was also because I had them hanging from my chest (they turned up that time, though).

So, for those who tend to misplace their glasses like me, I recommend a glasses holder pin brooch.

It’s also a great gift for Mother’s Day or Respect for the Aged Day.

Please consider it.

Click here for eyeglass holder pin brooch.

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