The Profoundness of Colored Pencils


I used to associate colored pencils with children, but I was mistaken. It seems that during the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a trend of adult coloring books, and I believe many people started exploring art during that time. I, too, have developed a fascination with colored pencils recently, to the point where I find myself spending more time admiring them rather than actually drawing with them. There are so many different types available, each with unique characteristics such as hardness, color vibrancy, and layering capabilities. I never realized that colored pencils could be so intricate and captivating. I’m finding myself wanting to collect more and more of them.

Just by looking at them, it’s so soothing. Oh, it sounds like our product.

I used to think that coloring with colored pencils was just about filling in colors. And while that’s perfectly fine, when you start shading and adding dimension, it’s like, “Wow!” It’s not about making it look like a photograph, but rather achieving a sense of realism. Sorry for the odd explanation. I find colored pencils to be so profound every day. I think last time I mentioned that Illustrator (Adobe Illustrator) is profound too… or something like that.

The above is for creating color samples. It allows you to see the color at a glance before applying it.

Colored pencils aside, there’s an incredible variety of coloring books out there. I used to think coloring books were outdated and had no interest in coloring at all, but I was mistaken. There’s so much more to it. There are coloring books from foreign countries where the illustrations themselves can be considered art, even without coloring them. There are plenty of options available. I couldn’t resist and ended up ordering some from Amazon myself, though they haven’t arrived yet. I’ll eventually color them and show off my work, but I have a feeling I’ll just end up admiring them for a while because they’re too precious to start right away. Absolutely.

Ta-da! I colored “Jasmine” on the right side.

As for me, I’m still a beginner, so I decided to start with a 100-kin coloring book, specifically Disney Princesses. I found talented artists on YouTube and tried to imitate their techniques. They are truly amazing, and it’s so inspiring. I can’t help but envy those who have loved drawing since childhood.

My hobby is gradually becoming focused on art supplies. I even find myself comparing pencil sharpeners to see which one works best. I’m enjoying experimenting with different tools and techniques.

Good sound of pencil sharpener.

I was hoping to incorporate my own product into the final part, but I couldn’t come up with a suitable connection. So, I’ll force it a bit.

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