Summer Vacation After a Long Time

I took a summer vacation for the first time in a long while since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I headed to Ise-Shima-Toba.

They were asked, “Why there? Was there a Kyudo (Japanese archery) event or something?” But there wasn’t any specific reason like that; it was simply because I love lobsters. I had been wanting to go and eat Ise lobster someday, so that was the reason.

Well, indeed, at Ise Jingu (Ise Grand Shrine), there is a Kyudo dojo where the All Japan Championship, the pinnacle of Kyudo, is held. So, I do hope that someday I can participate there as an archer, but well, it’s just a dream.

Of course, I also visited the Kyudo dojo. It was more like a reconnaissance visit. After all, I happened to visit during a hot season, and even strolling around Ise Jingu and Okage Yokocho (a historic street) was quite challenging.

Ise Jingu Kyudo Jo

There were many delicious-looking things, but it was too hot to feel like eating, and I’m now feeling a bit regretful about that. However, the hotel’s meals were very delicious, so I’ll consider it a win.

The highlight of this trip was Toba Aquarium. Particularly, the penguins, helmet crabs, and turtles were quite enjoyable. As someone who likes the pattern of turtle shells, I had a great time.

Well, the most shocking part was undoubtedly the horseshoe crab. I wondered why it had such a peculiar shape and whether it’s edible. It was a crab that left me with deep thoughts.

horseshoe crab
(Note: The horseshoe crab: it’s not two crabs stacked on top of each other.)
Humboldt penguins(they were in the midst of molting their feathers, so they looked a bit scruffy)
Iguana (both their faces and patterns were quite impressive)

Because the food in Mie Prefecture was so delicious, I’d like to visit again. The Rias coast, in particular, was lovely.

Next time, I plan to visit during a slightly cooler season and stay without meals included so I can enjoy food hopping in Okage Yokocho.

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