Recommended! Stylish Use of Hat Pins


Today I will show you three patterns of how to stylish hat pins.

It is an ornamental hatpin using the resin parts, from the “Rose Tree Series” (Black).

It is fashionable to use as a lapel pin as a one-point accent on the jacket.

This hat pin has an elaborate design with an ornate metal fitting that also holds the needle.

It can be put in a variety of ways, including as a hat or cardigan decoration.

Next one is an ornamental hatpin from “Vortex Series” (Pink).

It is also fashionable as a collar ornament to fasten a shirt collar as shown in the photo.

You can wear it as a color pin with a tie.

Last one is a simple stylish hat pins with ” Water Surface Series (Pink)

I fastened a shawl that matched the kimono.

This shawl is thick, but the hat pins have long needles so they stay in place.

Dangling from the clasp is rose quartz with rose carving.

As the name suggests, hat pins are great for use as hat accessories, but they are also useful accessories that can be used as fashionable pins for fastening jacket chests, shawls, and scarves.

They are also popular as gifts.

It can be a unique gift that is a little different from others.

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