Recommended Lava-Accessories Using Lava


Today, I would like to introduce lava-accessories using lava from Tamarusan.

I was shocked when I first saw it at a natural stone wholesaler.

Because, you know, what is this pumice stone thing?

It looked even stranger because it was colored.

At first, it is a bracelet using resin parts of “Marble Series”(Purple) “Plum Cake Series” (Purple) “Lily Series” (Purple) “Carpet Series” (Purple).

This square donut-like stone is lava.

It is quite large, about 3 cm in diameter, but lightweight.

Next one is a pair of earring using resin parts of “Pansy Series” (Orange)

This is a large stone, too, measuring about 3.5 cm in length and 2.8 cm in width.

But they are light enough to be worn as earrings.

Well, it may be heavy for some people.

It is a bracelet using resin parts of “Tabby Cat Series” and “Cheetah Series”.

This bracelet has no fasteners and is rubberized.

Gently stretch it out and put your hand in to fit it.

This mountain-blossom color is beautiful and cute.

How do you like it?

Lava can also become a fashionable accessory when processed in this way.

Lighter than it looks, it is recommended as an accent for a glamorous outfit.

It can also be a slightly unique gift.

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