Recommended Voluminous Bracelet


Among Tamaruan’s products, hair elastics and brooches are popular as gifts.

And my recommendation for a gift is a bracelet.

There were many people around me who received bracelets as gifts.

That’s why today I’d like to introduce you to some “voluminous-bracelet” that I recommend.

At first, it is a large-bracelet using resin parts of “Dandy Series” and “Backyard Series”.

The color is astringent.

But it’s the combination of transparent green amethyst, smoky quartz, and freshwater pearls that catches the eye with its unique design.

I put it on a simple cardigan.

Next one is a “big-charm-bracelet” from the “Vine Series” (Gold + Blue) made of resin.

I matched it to the jacket.

This one is also quite unique, combining various natural stones such as cross-shaped freshwater pearls, shells, turquoise, and shells.

It is lighter and easier to wear than it looks.

Next one is a bracelet using resin parts of “Vortex Series” (Orange).

This is also a very unique design.

A braided turquoise ring and light purple phosphosiderite are combined with butterfly-shaped resin parts.

Of the three, this one is my favorite.

The “voluminous-bracelet” introduced here are large enough to be worn at parties and other glamorous occasions.

I highly recommend it as a gift to yourself as well.

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