Matching Necklaces and Earrings


Today, I would like to introduce a matching earring.

That is recommended for necklaces made of large natural stones.

At first, the necklace to matching.

This necklace uses prenite, amethyst, and rose quartz, and uses three types of amethyst.


This is an ordinary purple amethyst.

It has a color and shape like a candy ball.


This is an amethyst bicolor with amethyst. And crystal attached.

It’s a beautiful purple gradation.


It is a rare green amethyst.

That transparency like a lump of ice is beautiful.

By the way, here are the earrings that match this.

In my case, if the necklace is gorgeous, I like to keep the earrings small.

Because I think it’s a bit gaudy if both items are big.

This is an image with both attached.

By the way, as for now, do you have jewelry as a set?

In my case, I liked matchmaking before I started manufacturing and selling accessories.

However, since I started making it myself, that is no longer the case.

That’s because Tamarusan’s accessories match unexpectedly.

Even if they aren’t in the same series.

The trick is to combine colors of the same tone.

Please contact us if you are in doubt.

I will introduce my recommendations.

Click here for a list of earrings.

Click here for a list of necklaces.

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