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Hat Retainer

I finally bought a new hat!

There are two reasons.

The first one.

I usually wear my hair in a bun.

Since I don’t cut my hair, the bun got bigger and bigger.

Finally I couldn’t fit my head into the hat I had.

The second one.

It was a straw hat-like hat, but the material seemed to be made of paper.

The string was shredded.

Maybe it couldn’t stand the size of my head anymore.

So today, as a commemoration of my new hat purchase, I would like to share with you a recommended-hat-retainer.

It is a recommended-hat-retainer using square resin parts of “Cheetah Series”.

This is a type that connects a hat to clothes.

We have made this product with a reason because the type is discontinued.

We will not be able to restock, so please be quick if it strikes your fancy.

As a characteristic of epoxy resin, it gradually turns yellow.

You can enjoy an antique-like atmosphere.

Next one is a recommended-hat-retainer chin strap using the resin parts from the “Mizuhiki Series.” 

The chin strap type is especially useful when riding a bicycle.

The third one is a hat clips using the resin parts, from the “Oxblood Coral Series”

By the way, this straw hat is not mine, but a small accessory for the photo shoot.

Now, lastly, I would like to introduce the hat I purchased this time.

I got it at Ito-Yokado.

As you can see, it has a cutout in the back to pinch around the dumpling.

This can be used for large dumplings.

I found a good one.


It feels like we are in the middle of summer, but it has only just begun.

It’s too hot to let go of hats.

Tamarusan’s hat clips are not only for holding up hats, but also as a fashionable accent.

It is also recommended.

It is also a popular gift item.

Click here for a list of hat fasteners.

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