Hat Clip | Silk Braid and Chain Type


The hat I usually wear looks a bit like the “Ayagasa” when they do the “Yabusame”. My senior told me so. Maybe the brim is soft and covers the face, so I’m wondering if that’s the reason. In my case, I ride a bicycle, so I use a chin strap hat clip to keep my hat from flying off! Today, I would like to introduce the hat clips that I recommend to those who wear hats on foot.

The first is a hat clip that uses resin parts from the “Pansy Series” (Orange), “Candy Series” (Gray).

Somehow, I thought that a baseball cap wouldn’t fit, but when I put it on, it was pretty nice. It gave me an elegant impression.

Next is a hat clip that uses resin parts from the “Tiger Beetle Series” and “Lily Series” (Purple).

Unlike the chin strap type, the hat cannot be fastened so that it will not come off, but it can be prevented from blowing off. You can also enjoy it as a hat accessory in addition to the hat.

The last is a fashionable hat clip that uses resin parts from the “Rainbow Series” (Purple) and “Plum Cake Series (Purple)”.

I tried to fasten the fedora with the hat clip. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy a little little bit different fashionable with others. There seem to be various hat clips, and the uncle I saw in town a while ago had a short string of about 15 cm braid instead of the chain and fastened it behind his head. The design seems to be specialized only for practical use of clips only. Doesn’t the hat fly at all with that? I will try it myself next time. It is also popular as a unique gift. If you are looking for a gift, please consider it. It’s recommended.

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