3 recommended hairpins with yukata


I wondered if I would have the opportunity to wear a Yukata this year, but I don’t think so. However, I thought that I might be able to wander around the neighborhood with Yukata. Today I would like to introduce 3 recommended hairpins with Yukata.

The first is a changeable ornament hairpin using the resin parts of the “Dandy Series”.

This hair style is making a bun hair and then, we insert the hairpin to the bun. Of course, you can also make bun hair with just this hairpin. The point is the hanging decoration that combines Amazonite and the ball chain.

The second is a changeable ornament hairpin that uses resin parts from the “Dororon Series” (Gray).

I like this hairpin very much because gray and green are my favorite colors. It goes well with Yukata, but I think it’s a chic color that’s easy to match with clothes.

The third and final one is a changeable ornament hairpin using the resin parts of the “Pansy Series” (Orange).

After all, in the case of a hairpin with such a large decoration, I think that it will be better to match it with the kimono. When I first saw this pink and orange Yukata that “tamaru2go” bought, I thought, “Wow, why should she choose this, it’s too flashy.” But when I took the plunge and came to the exhibition in Paris, it was unexpectedly good. Prowling around the exhibition in a yukata had an impact, so the pattern wasn’t a big problem, though.

How was it.

After COVID-19 pandemic, I saw a lot of small tents appearing in the nearby park, and I thought it would be fun. Plus, you might enjoy it more if you wear a Yukata, pitch a tent in the park and read a book or relax. Please try. I will do it a little more cool.

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