Mother’s Day Present|Hat Retainer


As someone who wears hats all year round, hat clips are a pretty important item for me.

It is especially important for a person who rides a bicycle.

If you don’t have one, your hat will fly off.

With Mother’s Day coming up next month.

Today I would like to introduce a hat fastening clip for gift giving.

Here is our first recommendation.

It is a hat-retainer using plastic parts of “Jewel Box Series” (Pink) Candy Series(Pink)“.

It is also recommended as a hat decoration.

This time I put it on a Panama hat.

The next hat ornament is here.

It is a hat clip with a resin part of “Musical Note Series” (Blue) and “Ramune Series” (Blue).

I put it on a straw hat.

The fresh colors go well with the coming season.

Here is the last one.

It is a hat-retainer using the resin part of the “Marble Series” (Blue).

I put it on a baseball cap.

It may look a bit funny, but this chinstrap type is recommended if you ride a bicycle.

Recently, I decided I wanted a new hat for myself.

So I looked at the stores in my neighborhood.

What a lot of hats with chinstraps!

I was grateful.

But I was also embarrassed.

Because it was a competitor of our hat clasp.

I had mixed feelings.

But the Tamarusan hat clip is quite cute and makes a great gift.

Please give them as Mother’s Day gifts.

Click here for a list of hat clasps

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