Recommended Stylish Silk Braided Bolo-Ties


Today, since Father’s Day is coming up.

I’d like to introduce my recommendation for a stylish silk braided bolo ties.

Our bolo-ties were mainly made of leather strings.

When they were first released.

However, along the way, we thought it might be fashionable to make original braided cords as well.

We started to place special orders with braided cord craftsmen in Kyoto.

And recently, the braided cord ratio has been increasing when selecting the cord for bolo ties.

At first, recommended bolo-tie is.

It is to a silk braid bolo tie using “Pansy Series” (Green), “Ramune Series” (Green), “Plum Cake Series” (Green Tea), “Cheetah Series” “New Rose Tree Series” (Yellow-Green).

Each petal is made of a different series of resin and has a beautiful gradation of color.

The braid is green because it is the color of the stem.

The next recommended bolo-tie is this.

It is a silk braid bolo tie from the “Vine Series” (Gold + Blue) made of resin. 

It has a unique design of pink braided cords and gold resin with a vines and grasses pattern.

I think it is easy to wear for both men and women.

The last recommended bolo-tie is this.

It is a bolo tie using the resin part from the “Mizuhiki Series.”

This one is designed in an austere shade that is easy to coordinate.

The braided cords are fashionable with a polka dot pattern.

What do you think of our recommended stylish braided cord loop ties?

The braided is pure silk, so it is comfortable to the touch and easy to wear.

Not only men, but also women are encouraged to try it as if it were a long necklace.

You can enjoy wearing it in various ways by matching the decorative part with your clothes.

It is also popular as a unique and stylish gift.

Click here for other braided bolo ties.

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